What is your investment philosophy?

We can sum up our investment approach in three phrases; Evidence Based. Transparent. Goals Driven. Our investment philosophy is that investments should be managed in a manner that aligns with the goals established in the financial plan. We also believe that investments should be selected through a process designed to minimize the conflicts of interest and maximize the benefit to the clients. Our portfolios are primarily constructed utilizing broadly diversified, low-cost investments. We develop strategies using Modern Portfolio Theory and top-down fundamental analysis to proactively manage your investments. Please see the most current ADV Brochures under the Transparency tab to learn more about our investment philosophy and approach.

What is your financial planning philosophy?

Proper financial planning and wealth management is not a one-time project. It involves advice from and collaboration with an experienced and trusted advisor. We believe that to be successful and achieve your goals it is imperative to know where you are and where you are going. Establishing goals, understanding your current circumstances, and developing a holistic and comprehensive road map. Allows you to confidently work towards improved personal and financial wellbeing. Peace of mind comes from executing a holistic, personalized plan. Change is the only certainty in life, and we will be there with you each step of the way. Inspire. Plan. Achieve.

What is a fiduciary financial advisor?

The title financial advisor is not clearly defined in the financial industry and has been adopted by many financial professionals that are subject to a variety of legal standards. Fiduciary is the highest standard and is legally enforceable. A fiduciary is legally required to put the client’s interest before their own and transparently disclose potential conflicts of interests. We always adhere to this standard.

How much experience do you have?

The primary financial advisor, Micah Landis ChFC® CRPS®, has over fifteen years of direct advisory experience. Mr. Landis has extensive experience in wealth management and professional business retirement plan advising.

What is the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) designation?

The ChFC® marks issued by the American College of Financial Planning is an advanced financial planning designation. Advisors that earn this distinction have completed a rigorous course of study covering topics including investment management, taxation, and estate planning. In addition to the academic requirements, advisors must complete a minimum of three years of client facing work experience.

What is the Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS®) designation?

The Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist (CRPS®) is a business-focused retirement plan advisor designation. Professionals with the CRPS® advise firms and help them implement and maintain retirement plans. The CRPS® credential is awarded by the College for Financial Planning and requires rigorous study and passing a comprehensive written exam.

How are you compensated?

The fees for advisory and consulting services provided by Mountain View Financial Advisors are billed as hourly/project fees, fixed fee arrangements and/or a percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM). Please see the most current ADV Disclosures under the Transparency tab to see the official fee schedule.

Do you sell insurance?

We do not sell insurance, though we do have extensive insurance and annuity experience which we use to help client understand what they have or need. Our network of trusted professionals are available to help clients with specific services including insurance, estate planning advice and implementation, tax preparation and more.

Do you have sales quotas or win prizes / rewards based on sales?

No. As an independent advisory firm, we do not have sales quotas or third-party benchmarks that have the potential to create conflicts of interest with our advice. As a business we have goals to grow and expand our long-term client relationships, but we do this with a steadfast commitment to our firm’s philosophy, client commitments, and ethics pledge.

Do you have a minimum client size?

We do not have a minimum client size as measured by investable assets or net worth. We do have a minimum annual fee starting at $2500 (see the most recent ADV Disclosure for details). The agreed upon fees will be memorialized in the client agreement and are based on the scope and needs of each client individually. We believe in partnering with clients where we are able to provide maximum value.

Do you manage business retirement plans?

Yes. Our firm provides retirement plan and pension plan consulting services. We are hands on plan advisors and closely assist the plan sponsor and participants to ensure plan compliance and employee success. We primarily advise professional service businesses including law firms.

Do you provide financial education and support to retirement plan participants?

Yes. Our motto is Real Advice for Real People. We empower plan participants through one-on-one, individualized advice which improves their financial literacy and enables them to accomplish their personal goals. Participants are invited semi-annually to meet with an experienced, and credentialled fiduciary financial advisor in person or virtually.

In addition to one-on-one consultation, we provide step-by-step personal financial plan courses, live and on-demand webinars, and financial education written resources. We take our role as educators seriously and always strive to provide unbiased, fiduciary advice without sales or product recommendations.

Do you offer free initial consultations?

Yes. Our process includes an initial introduction call or meeting to introduce ourselves and learn about the client’s goals and needs.

Has any member of your team been subject to regulatory disciplinary actions?

No. Our firm operates in a regulated industry, and we are subject to a variety of laws and regulations. No current or former team member or employee has ever been subject to disciplinary actions.

Where do you provide services?

Our sole physical location is in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, we are able to operate and provide services in all fifty states. We maintain registration in the states where it is required. Close to half of our client do not reside in Nevada. For clients located outside of Nevada, we provide services virtually and communicate regularly via telephone and video conference.

Does your firm maintain custody of client assets?

No. We utilize industry leading custodians to maintain client assets and process our money management and trading instructions. Investment accounts can always be independently verified with the custodian without needing approval or access from your advisor.

Does your firm offer proprietary investments?

No. We manage investments offered by third party investment companies and do not provide or offer private placement and/or proprietary investments.

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